Green Home Building Guidelines For Consumers Help Identify Green Built Homes

Home buyers are enthusiastically embracing green built homes, some altruistically want to protect the planet, most are interested for more practical reasons like energy savings and healthier living environments. The dilemma for consumers is how to identify homes that really are green built.


An Idyllic Day at Lexington Park Plano as Dallas Metroplex Is Dusted with Record Snow Fall

Lexington Park Plano is an idyllic new residential  neighborhood in Downtown Plano, by Lexington Luxury Builders. Designed and built by Scott Schaefer as a low-impact, new urban residential community, Lexington Park Plano is comprised of 100% green built, eco-friendly luxury condos. View this brief video of a snow day at Lexington Park; Norman Rockwell would…

Mortgage Rates Hit All-Time Record Low

The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation has provided potential home buyers with another compelling reason to get off the fence and buy a home, as they reported last week that mortgage rates have hit an all-time historic low rate. The average mortgage interest rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages dropped to an all-time record low of…