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I have always been unsure of what a Blog really is… But I Finally Have One

I’ve been looking forward to this blog for what seems like forever and I guess the About page is as good a place to start as any. It is rather urgent, at the moment, as it already had readers, before I had written it. A valuable blogging lesson learned already; don’t publish until the work is complete.

I have no illusions of ever being a respected real estate journalist like Candy Evans at Dallas Dirt or Steve Brown at the Morning News, I do believe I will occaisionally have something to write that some people will want to read. At least I hope so. There is one other big difference between the aforementioned icons of Dallas journalism and myself; they are independent, I am not.

My name is Scott Schaefer and I am a real estate developer and homebuilder. Make no mistake, I still have a great deal to say, but a pillar of independent journalism I’ll never be. Come to think of it, how many bastions of independence are there in journalism nowadays, Steve and Candy notwithstanding? NBC? How silly. I’ll be far less biased than they.

The company I founded and run is Lexington Luxury Builders and this is my blog. In fact, this is my first blog and my first blog post. For more about me, please refer to my resume on the Lexington Luxury Builders website. I’ll add more to the About at a later date. And, if you’re reading this, thank you. I really do appreciate it, because I really do have a great deal to say.


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